Owner Surrender

Before making the decision to surrender a pet, please consider all of your options. Please contact Pet Orphans if you have no other alternative in trying to re-home your pet.
Surrendering of your pet
In order to best help your pet, we conduct an evaluation of all animals before coming to Pet Orphans. Intake Manager will contact you either Friday or Saturday of the week to confirm an appointment time. During the evaluation we gather all the information a future adopter might need about your pet. We also determine if your pet is a good candidate for our adoption program. We will not place an animal for adoption that is a danger to the community. Please note due to high volume request and limited capacity, evaluations do not always guarantee that your pet will stay at Pet Orphans.
Please contact Suzanne Allison, suzanne@petorphans.org Tuesday – Friday ONLY to discuss surrendering your pet. Please leave a detailed message, with Name, phone number, Age, Breed of animal and reason why you need to surrender your pet. You will be required to sign a surrender form giving Pet orphans legal ownership of the animal. Once you have signed the release statement, you may not reclaim your pet, so please be sure that you have made the right decision for you and your pet.
Pet’s medical records
It is important that you to bring any medical records you have for your pet at the time of evaluation.
Pet personality
We will ask you to give us any information about your pet health, behavior, habits, likes, and dislikes is really helpful to people considering your pet for adoption and helps us decide what kind of home would be best for it.
Please be honest when answering these questions; let us know if your pet has a history of biting, refuses to use the litter box, has a serious or chronic medical condition, or any other problem. Your answers help to determine whether or not your animal should be put up for adoption.