Private Adoption

Shown below are more dogs and cats that need permanent homes. Some are currently still with their owners who cannot keep them or they are being fostered in a home and are not at Pet Orphans’ shelter.

To submit your pet for inclusion, please send an e-mail to with an attached digital photograph of your pet. If submitting more than one pet, the file must be saved with the pet’s name. Include a complete description of your pet – pet’s name, breed, sex, spayed/neutered, age, weight and information on the temperament and health of your dog or cat. Provide your contact information – your name, telephone number and/or e-mail address where you can be contacted or receive messages from prospective adopters. We will be unable to include your pet without the above information. Please let us know when your cat or dog is placed so we may remove them from our Private Adoption page.





My name is Max. I’m an Orange Indoor Tabby. I’m healthy 14 years old cat. People call me Garfield when they see me! I love to eat & sleep but I’ll play too if you play with me. Love to snuggle with you too whenever I can.
My phone # 818-915-3175




Ollie was adopted from a shelter when he was just 4 weeks old and has been with my mother-in-law since then. Unfortunately she has now fallen ill with 2 forms of cancer and will be permanently relocating to Virginia to continue her medical care. Ollie sadly is unable to go with and we are hoping that you will be able to open your doors and provide a space for him or help us find placement for him.

He is a 10 year old Shepherd/Lab Mix (neutered) and a gentle 85 pound old soul. Ollie is mainly an outdoor pup who enjoys taking naps and sunbathing outside. However he is house and crate trained, when inside he will whine or bark to let you know he needs to go out to potty. He does good on walks and stays by your side, but will get overly excited when he sees another dog (will bark and pull a little – just wants to play). Ollie is very easy going, laid back, low maintenance, and stay at home type of pup now. All he asks for is a little attention, a yard to relax in, and of course some TLC.

Ollie does well with other dogs once he gets to sniff them out and play. He also loves people, will always greet them with a smile and wagging tail! He has no known health issues and not on any medication, but due to his age he does have trouble going up stairs or elevated areas (that means he won’t jump on furniture). Since he has been with my mother-in-law, we do not have access to medical records. My husband and I helped take him to the vet in Feb of this year – so those would be the only records we can provide at this time.

Since he was a pup he doesn’t like his paws or tail touched – we don’t know the reason. If you try to touch them he won’t bite or growl, but he may give you that old man grumble. He’s not a big fan of water, but he will endure a nice bath time. Ollie’s diet is dry kibble and he isn’t a big treat eater, unless it’s a biscuit or he LOVES bananas or any fruits that are pet safe.





Meet Koko! He is approximately 5 years and weighs 100 lbs. He is a German Shepherd Mix. He loves exploring the outdoors. One of his favorite things to do is to go on long hikes. He behaves exceptionally well around dogs of all sizes. He is house broken and neutered. Koko is an amazing companion! He does really well with children. Unfortunately for Koko, I moved away to college a few months ago and he had so stay behind. He really doesn’t get all of the love and attention that he deserves. He does need some leash training as he does pull, but he is a very smart dog that learns quickly. Koko would make a great family dog or companion for a single individual or couple. Please contact me if you would like to meet Koko.Thank you,
– Briana & Koko
Phone: 818-300-4291



BELLA – Pitbull, female, spayed, 3 yrs., average size/weight. Bella is a good dog, she is smart, loves to go for walks, would do well living indoor or outdoor. She makes for a great companion. Bella may or may not do well sharing home with other pet dogs. Over all she is a good dog.Not for out of state, we require to meet the person(s) interested in adopting Bella and see the place where Bella is to live.