Private Adoption

Shown below are more dogs and cats that need permanent homes. Some are currently still with their owners who cannot keep them or they are being fostered in a home and are not at Pet Orphans’ shelter.

To submit your pet for inclusion, please send an e-mail to with an attached digital photograph of your pet. If submitting more than one pet, the file must be saved with the pet’s name. Include a complete description of your pet – pet’s name, breed, sex, spayed/neutered, age, weight and information on the temperament and health of your dog or cat. Provide your contact information – your name, telephone number and/or e-mail address where you can be contacted or receive messages from prospective adopters. We will be unable to include your pet without the above information. Please let us know when your cat or dog is placed so we may remove them from our Private Adoption page.




ADOPTER NEEDED IN LA: Shannon (female pit) and Chico (male chihuahua) were rescued a few weeks ago. They lived with their very sick owner in a filthy room full of trash, needles, rats, bugs with a horrible stench of human urine. Their former owner loved them very much but had a very bad drug problem as well as AIDS. They are with a foster now and have a clean bill of health and are fully vetted. They don’t need much, just LOVE and they get along with everyone including kids, other dogs, and cats. Shannon is very quiet and calm. Their foster says that she still seems very sad and misses her former owner. Chico is happy go lucky and will nudge your hand when you stop petting him. They are EXTREMELY bonded and must stay together (Southern CA only please). Please LIKE and SHARE this Facebook page so that we can find their furever home soon! here is a link to their Facebook page



Bugsy is a neutered/microchipped male, 6 year-old Chinese Shar Pei currently in foster looking for a permanent home after he was brought to the Los Angeles East Valley city shelter as a stray in desperate need of medical attention.

Bugsy has a medium energy level that would fit into many people’s lifestyles and is a 65 lb. goof-ball who likes to play fetch. He can also create his own fun with a plush toy by tossing it in the air and parading it around.

Bugsy is completely house trained and already knows basic commands, but needs additional training and a patient person to help him meet new people and navigate scary or distracting situations. He bonds strongly with his family and the work and patience put into a relationship with him will be rewarded ten-fold with his loyalty and sweet companionship.

Loud play startles Bugsy, so he would probably do best in a home without kids. He was successful in play group at the shelter with similarly sized dogs, but he thinks cats are for chasing. Bugsy has been to the veterinary eye specialist who says he will need eye drops twice a day indefinitely – they are not very expensive and easy to give.

Potential adopters can get in touch with me, Anna, at and see additional photos and information here




Brooklyn is an 8yr old blue brindle Staffordshire Terrier. She has a mild temperament and loves to play and get belly rubs. She has basic training and plays well with other dogs. Brooklyn grew up around children and is a great dog for a family. Unfortunately I’m out of town more than I am home due to work, and it’s becoming a detriment to Brooklyn. She’s not getting to proper love and care that she deserves and this is the reason why I’m looking for some to adopt her.
Contact: Jeffrey



Sunny is a 4 year old tiny 12 lb. poodle mix that is looking for a home. He is sweet, neutered, healthy, perfect lap dog, and use to a female owner. Please contact Rose at 818-424-4389 for more information.



I found 3 kittens with a semi feral momma cat seaching for food in my backyard last winter. We fixed them, cleaned them up and got their shots done.IZZY is the last kitten looking for his home!
Izzy is a handsome, all black male – 9 months old (dob approx: 8/16), light green eyes, fluffy.He LOVES all other cats and needs a kitten or a kitty friend. Izzy is a shy boy who likes to watch TVL) He will do best in a quiet home with a patient person or couple that will allow him to get used to his new home at his own pace.Adoption application and adoption fee of $60. Please contact Michelle at /(310) 633-3879


Bali and Java

These two cats were raised together and need to be adopted together.Bali, M/N DSH 15 years old , chronic kidney disease requires fluids every other day, and several drugs to be given per mouth.

Java, F/S 13yrs old, behavioral issue (OCD) on amytriptilline and other drugs for allergies.

Please contact Jess at (805)377-0106





    • My name is TANNER, I am 2 years & 3 months old. I’m super cute & I hear that a lot!
    • I’m a German Shepard mix, 50 pounds, neutered, microchipped, on flea/tick & heartworm prevention, and I’m current on all my shots, including Bordetella.
    • I suffer from Separation Anxiety, so I NEED to have a pack of dogs and people at home 24/7, so I do not have a panic attacks. I am very calm though if I am not left alone.
    • I’m house broken, I don’t go on furniture & I don’t chew anything but my toys. Being in a crate makes my anxiety worse.
    • I know my basic commands & I walk well on leash. I love to fetch and a big yard is best.
    • I’m ok with cats, but will give chase. I probably won’t do well with little kids. I am friendly with people and strangers, but I do need to be introduced to men carefully, so I know if I need to protect you or not.
    • My Mom Jess is super, super sad to re-home me, but she just wants the best for me. We are in San Diego, but I will come to wherever you are for my ‘Furever’ home.

917-902-4812 .



In September of 2016, Pepper’s mom entered the hospital with end stage cancer issues, and she passed away in December 2016. Pepper and her brother (who recently passed away) have been living in boarding in Burbank since September. Now Pepper needs to find a forever home or foster home where she can live out her life in dignity.
Pepper is a 12 year old large female senior Labrador pointer. She is a great girl- Happy, loving and very active for a 12 year old girl. She has no health issues and is up to date on all of her vaccinations. She loves to be with people and would make a great family member.
Contact Robin at 845-242-7224 or email at

donny1_private Hi – my name is Donny and I’m an agile, 60lb, middle-aged Pit Bill Terrier mix. After getting off to a rough start living on the streets, the good people of the LA shelter took me in. I have scars on my face, neck and legs from a painful past, and at some point I lost a lot of my teeth, but recently I’ve been living the good life in foster care. I am full of life and affection. I love to have fun and snuggle. I have lots of energy and would love to be in a home with a leader who will give me lots of exercise and structure. I am housebroken and am gentle with tiny humans. I’m also social with other dogs and not aggressive. I’m pretty good on a leash and usually love jogging, although sometimes cars make me a bit nervous. I’m still working on being confident when separated from my human, but I’m a quick learner and have so much potential. All I need an assertive person to show me the way. Please come soon because my current foster home might not be available much longer and I will have to go back to the shelter.
NOTE: Foster parent is willing to transport this dog to locations in CA.
Please contact Hannah at for any questions or for details on adopting Donny. Thank you for your time.

harley_private Harley is almost one year old, has been spayed and is current with her vaccinations. She is house trained, knows basic commands (sit, stay, shake -but shake is not always as successful) and is smart & eager to learn. She is, however, large (maybe part Great Dane?) and can knock over small children, accidentally. Other than her size and puppy-ish energy, she gets along well with children and other dogs -I don’t know about cats. She needs a home where someone will not be gone all day, everyday, as she craves human contact. She is very loving and will try and curl up on your lap if you encourage her to by sitting on the floor.

We live in Sierra Madre and can be contacted by email or my number is (626) 277-9427.

simba_and_tigger_private Simba
7-8 year old grey coat, male,neutered and declawed ( not by us) smart and loyal cat who is the dominate brother to TiggerTigger
6 year old mixed color male, neutered and not declawed..
He’s a very cuddly boy, who loves to play with his brother, Simba..Both must remain together for the duration of their lives as well as live indoors. They are very weary of any dog..Contact Veronica
(937) 532-6948

pork_chop_private His name is Pork Chop. He is approx 4 years old and he weighs close to 95 pounds. He is very affectionate and loves to snuggle. You can reach me at (916) 670-8655 by phone call or text. And also by email at



Hello my name is Mittens but mom calls me “Baby”,

Wondering why? Well, I love to be by my mom. I prefer to sleep on the bed right next to her, if I can’t do that I’ll go under the bed and sleep under her side of the bed. I am attached because mom went through Chemo treatments a while back and I know she’s starting to struggle more because of her allergy to dogs. I like to be around her to comfort her when she needs it. She no longer works so she can stay at home with my Human brothers and sister. Which I love dearly, I wait by the front door when I hear them coming up the stairs from school. They are great! They take me out often so I do not have any accidents in the apartment. We play fetch with my stuffed animals, my favorite toys are the ones that make noises. When I am really happy I can do flips off my mom’s leg. I think if I get some training I can be a great “circus dog”. We just started a new family tradition on Sundays. Before we go to church we take a 5-mile hike. I enjoy it, well, until another dog comes along and I think they are trying to hurt my family so I will try nip their paws to warn them they are too close. I am the only dog and would like to keep it that way. I do get along with my cousins whom are a Palmerian and a huge Doberman. Oh, and I love riding in the car! (picture attached). I like to sit in the middle in between my mom and whoever is the front passenger.


I am a healthy 5year old Pug, Maltese mix. I weigh 18lbs. I do not have a Vet BUT I am up to date on all my shots. I am spayed (because I’m a girl) and microchipped. I have never had fleas/tics. I need to take a bathed and groomed once a month. My skin will dry out horribly and I become irritated with multiple baths in one month. I do require the sensitive skin shampoo. I shed but it isn’t noticeable. I like to eat my wet food with a mix of dry food. I have small teeth, so it’s easy for me to chew. I have never been sick or seen a VET for any injuries.

Additional Perks:

Bed and my favorite blanket I like to curl up in

Bin full of toys

Two leashes (chain and leather with matching collar)

A walking harness



Sprays: Hot spot and Bitter Apple – these are what is sprayed onto my skin when it’s irritated

No Go – this was sprayed around the apartment when I was being trained to go potty outside.

Contact: The Macias Family (Ann and Manuel)

Phone: (562) 321-2603


cat_private Hi I don’t have a name, my mom died and the renters staying at her house are feeding me but they are moving out by 8/31/16. I’m easy going kinda shy but super chill. I just need a home where I can be a part of. Please help me cause I’m not sure whats gonna happen to me.
317 376 5819

captain_jack3_privatecaptain_jack2_private Hi! My name is Captain Jack because I have one eye, but my fosters call me Jax for short. I am a gentle, loving, fixed male 12 year old cockapoo. I started out as 28lbs, but am now down to 20lbs after some good diet and exercise. I’m working on it, so please go easy on me!I was fostered for the July 4th holiday in order to help make space for lost dogs. However, my foster just fell in love with my cuddly personality and couldn’t bear to send me back. So, she’s helping me find my forever home!

The shelter has guessed my age to be about 12 years old, but don’t let that fool you. I like to play, I like to run, and I love cuddles and belly rubs. I even make a funny clapping motion when I want to entertain myself or when the belly rubs are just that awesome!

I play well with my foster brothers dogs (chihuahua and yorkie), and my foster brother cats like me because I don’t bother them.

Please consider me for your family! I am partially house-trained, but am very good with letting myself out to potty.

My foster mom is willing to meet with you and introduce us before you decide. She prefers it, in fact, so feel free to have a play date with me!

Contact: Honey
Phone: 818-564-7296 (call or text)


Wookie and Terra


Wookie – tan with black face, pitbull/mastiff, male, neutered, 3 1/2, 95-100 pounds.
DOES NOT LIKE DOGS OR KIDS.Terra- brindle, pitbull, female, neutered, 3 1/2, 55 pounds. Does not like other dogs.Contact me at 951-923-6232.
My name is Sam

noelle1_privatenoelle2_private My name is Noelle, I’m 8 years old and, well, I got my name from the nice people at BHRSC who said I was a wonderful gift when they took me in on Christmas Eve! But I actually prefer to go by my nickname, Sally.I’m a Basset Coonhound mix. As you can see from my pictures, I’m a little on the larger side, plus I’ve put on some extra holiday pounds, which means that there’s more of me to love! However, I am working hard
on my new year’s resolution to get back to a healthy weight, because swimsuit season is almost here!To get closer to my goal weight I’ve be going on lots of walks, and I love walks! It’s so much fun to put my hound senses to work sniffing out all the smells Southern California has to offer! I can be a little timid
around the new people I meet on my strolls, but if they come down to my level to reassure me I will lie down, flip over and wait for a belly rub! I also love to lie out and work on my tan. How about you? We can do
it together!Oh, and wait until you hear this: My foster mom says I have an adorable bark that sounds like a sea lion! What can I say; I just like to talk! Oh and naps are a favorite too! I’ve even been told I snore like a lumberjack! Trust me, it’s adorable.So if you need a fitness and tanning partner, or a sweet, loving girl to take a nap with, I am your hound! Please fill out an adoption application and contact BHRSC today so we can meet!Noelle is spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines. Her adoption fee is $150. If you are interested in adopting Noelle, please fill out the adoption forms on If you
have any questions or would like more information, please call 949-484-9065 or email us at









Elodia– 9 month old Tuxedo Black and White Female kitten
Frack– 9 month old Black and White Male kitten with a small eye
Selina– 2 year old Tortie Female cat
Felix– 2 year old Black Male catFor the adoption, please contact Sanda at 310-824-0126

Her name is Bella , she was born on September 22 of last year, her vaccines are incomplete,she’s only missing the rabies. Her mother is a poodle Maltese mix & it’s unknown what her other mix is, I got her mother when she was already pregnant. We tried to provide a good home for the puppies unfortunately I can’t keep her because my landlord doesn’t allow pets & my family already has 3 other dogs to care for .She’s very loving & playful and full of energy, she’s good with other dogs in the house but not sure how she’ll react being around strange dogs.
I need your help finding a new loving & permanent home for Bella , she’s very sweet but can be a handful if she’s unattended.
I hope you take this into consideration & help me place her with animal loving people .
Hope to hear from you soon

lucinda_private Lucinda is a vibrant, engaging, friendly and fun loving female kitty who needs a home. She is a small cat (12 lbs.) and is just over a year old with her birthday being September 01, 2014. She always uses her cat box without fail. She gets along with dogs, cats and kids. She is micro-chipped, spayed and up to date on all of her shots.We are unable to keep our sweet kitty as the marina management has given us no other choice. We are sailboat liveaboards in Ventura Harbor and are in danger of losing our slip. This decision has broken our hearts, but if she can go to a good and loving home we would be happy for her.

We have a soft carry case, food, bowls, cat box, leash & harness, toys and kitty litter.

Please contact Connie at (808)446-4846 or email at

Meet CoCo, a two month old baby Chihuahua in need of a loving home. He is very playful and energetic. In excellent health, has one of his shots already. you can contact Tina at 818-337-9988 text or call.




Sleepy, Happy, Frisky, Charming, Murphy, Aurora and Elsa

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who lived with a poor family.

After meeting a handsome prince, the beautiful princess was blessed with 7 puppies: Sleepy, Happy, Frisky, Charming, Murphy, Aurora and Elsa.

The poor family couldn’t keep the princess and her puppies so they were rescued by a kind lady and went to live with her.

Now they each just need a happily furever after home with a wonderful family.

Could you help make their dreams come true?

Cindy- 818-437-5475



Here is a photo of the gorgeous kitty known as Ariel. She is precious and needs a home. Very loving but has to be the ONLY kitty in the home. She is about 2 years old, well trained and never misses her box.You can contact Rachel about her at 818-621-9655 or email her at

siamese_private This guy here was found just laying on the steps of an apartment building. He was taken to the vet and scanned for a microchip and as luck would have it, he was registered to one phone number. However, that number is no loner in service and there was no alert that he was missing. This snowshoe Siamese needs a place to call home again. He’s very shy and a little frisky at first, however he really is a sweetheart once you get to know him.Marissa



Must rehome a 50 lb. sweet gorgeous 6-year-old Shar Pei / Lab mix dog. Her name is Gypsy and she is house broken, house trained and home centered. She even knows how to use a dog door! Her owner died of cancer on 9/2/2015 and Gypsy has been shuttled all around the San Fernando Valley trying to avoid being surrendered to a shelter; she’s way too well-behaved for that. Those options are coming to an end and it could result in a shelter for her. Let Gypsy’s misfortune turn out to be the happiest turn of events in your life; you both deserve it. $100 adoption fee is all; very reasonable for all the care she’s been given since her owner died. Will want to personally inspect the home dwelling of prospective adopters. Can email video of Gypsy so you can see her in action!

Click here to watch a video of me!



Her name is Princess. She is about 6 inches. I got her when she was a hatchling. I’ve had her for about 7 years, she’s shy and has never bitten anyone. Because she is getting too big for me to care for I am looking for a new home for her.





my name is Alicia Wardack and through the years my husband and I have rescued about 10 dogs (strays, from neighbours, etc). Over this time period we have been able to find homes for 4 of the dogs and we ended up with 6. One of them past away and we have 5 remaining. The reason we are trying to find homes for 2 or 3 of these dogs is that our situation has changed. We have a little daughter now and my husband and i are not working right now. We will have to move to a much smaller place soon. And also our neighbours at the place we are living in now called animal control. Animal control told us we are only allowed 2 dogs per city regulations. And if we don’t find homes they will take them to the shelter and give us a citation. I love my dogs. We have tried going to several local shelters. But they said if they don’t get adopted they will put them to sleep or they are too full and gon’t take them. I also tried the humane society but they also said no. Any help in trying to find good homes for our dogs will be greatly appreciated. This is very difficult for us since we are attached to our dogs ( we have had these dogs from 8 to 3 years now).
Thank you
323 972 2181

boxer2_privateboxer4_private I need help to find these beautiful and friendly dogs, that I consider to be my kids, a home.

Here are some pictures of my dogs, they are a boxer mix. My son and I have had these dogs since they were six weeks old, they are now 9 years old. They are good with everyone – kids, babies, adults. They have never been aggressive toward anybody.

They love to be walked, and have a regular diet of pedigree hard dog food.

They are brother and sister who love each other very very much.

I don’t think they could live without each other. I’m looking for a good home for both of them.

They are used to being outside all year long and keep each other warm when it’s cold.

I, along with my 11 yr. son love these dogs with all our hearts. It kills us to have to find another home them.

But I’ve lived in the house that I have been in for 10 years and now have to move.

I hope it can be a temporary situation till I find a home, but my main concern is getting them a good home.

If you can help please reply.

I have to be out by the 31st dec 2015

Thank you!
Gary Castaneda
boxer1_private boxer3_private



I found this kitten under my roommate’s boat- I won’t be able to keep him and am trying to find a suitable place for him. He’s a real sweetheart. I’m guessing 6 weeks.
818 388-4623


Three male kittens

I am helping my friend who has had major back surgery just 3 weeks ago and is trying to take care of three 5 week old kittens that she got out of her backyard. Caring for them is hard on her back. I am caring for all of her animals but she is doing more with the kittens. They are completely socialized, eating solid food and very good at using the litter box. Hopefully they can stay together for another week or two to play and learn together. All three are male. All very healthy. They all have even had their first bath and dry and took it very well.thanks,
714 779-6664
Please click on the pictures to enlarge.



Tucker, is the best dog I’ve ever owned. He’s sweet, protective, patient, well mannered, playful, and a joy to be around. Anyone would be lucky to have a pet like him. One small issue is he is not good with large animals. He likes to chase horses, cats, and chickens for sport. He’s neutered, current on shots, young, trained on and off leash with simple commands. I’d love to keep him, but we’ve moved to a horse farm. I can assure you Tucker is perfect. He makes you smile and laugh and he deserves a loving forever home. Please help him.



– 3 year old, female, pit bull mix
– Fawn and white color with cropped ears
– Spayed, house trained, crate trained and basic obedience trained
– Confident, curious and very affectionate (even of strangers). Is a velcro dog and will follow you from room to room
– Not leash reactive but does not like rude dogs. Does not bark but will whine if she needs to potty very badly.
– Low energy level (ok with a few walks, loves cuddles)
– 50lbs
– Good with compatible dog prefer to be an only dog.
– Loves kids and very gentle.
– No cats please.
– Up to date on shots and microchipped
– Currently located in Long Beach, CA.Joey Trachtman Rescue




This little guy was given to me to foster because his owner moved and were not able to take a dog. He is a healthy eight years old, neutered and has his shots. Obviously a mutt and good with other dogs. A bit shy at first but once he is comfortable with you he is a love. Please contact Sharon at:



Bowie is a pit bull/boxer mix, about 3 years old, female, spayed and vaccinated. She is super sweet and loving to her people of choice. She takes baths, is patient with food and treats, obeys many commands, loves to play at the beach, loves hiking, house trained, should be the only dog in the house, will cuddle you for as long as you can handle. I can brush her teeth, clip her nails, clean out ears and eyes with no problem.
And the not so great qualities…. she’s very intimidated by new people, she has nipped at people but not bitten, she is not friendly with other dogs when standing, but has no problems walking with other dogs and walking past them in parks, etc. She has prey drive and wants to chase cats, squirrels and other small furry creatures. She is very sensitive to human emotions, so if you get angry she gets depressed, if you get excited, so will she. If you feel sad, she will snuggle you and lick your tears.She is really a sweet girl and just has some issues that don’t work within our community living environment.
Sheena Gardner


Booger Theodore Kim

Pet’s Information:
Booger Theordore Kim
Maltese/Yorkie Mix
Age 5
Weight 20 pounds
Owner’s Contact Information:
Gina Kim
213-820-3354– currently best way to reach me is via emailBoogie (short for Booger) is a male Maltese/Yorkie Mix (neutered), and is 5 years old, 20 pounds, and has the softest cuddliest white and cream coat. Boogie was given to our family as a puppy by a family friend in request that the puppies only be adopted by people known to them- we are moving out of the country, and cannot bring him with us. Boogie loves to be walked and pet and also loves to dance with you. He will sleep in his bed, but if invited he would rather sleep in the bed with you. Like most pup buddies, he isn’t fond of being left alone, but is fine if you are gone during a regular work day (about 8-9 hours). Just needs the usual walk in the morning and then at night, and of course cuddles once you are home. Although he is sweet and caring, he does tend to get territorial and will give you a vocal warning to stay away while eating, and doesn’t like to be startled, so he is better with families with no children. Boogie has a small benign tumor on the right side of his neck which the vet confirmed as non-cancerous nor does it effects his health – he may just scratch it from time to time, and a bit of gingivitis but currently being treated for it. Other than these minor issues, he is the most affectionate, loving, neediest (in the most lovable way) pup you will meet. He is used to living in small apartments and is potty trained.




Bella is a 7 year old brown and white chihuahua (spayed, microchipped, up to date on vaccines). This adorable little girl weighs 5.5 lbs. She is healthy and happy. A mill rescue, Bella has really only known one home since she was a pup. Because of her beginning, Bella did lose her teeth, but it does not stop her from having a softened kibble. She has never been around small children. Bella gets along with small dogs, is shy to meet strangers. She is devoted and though she is small–thinks she is larger than life. Bella is paper trained, has had some time on a leash, but is overall a lap dog. Will do well in a settled or senior home.These little ones have been with me for most of their lives. With a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and the lack of funds to care for them or myself, I regretfully have to make the choice of finding them homes where they can live happy lives and not struggle for food or vet care. For more information or to contact to arrange a meeting, please call Danielle, 760.409.2586,




Joaquin is a 14 year old male cat (neutered, up to date on vaccines). He is loving and overall a good cat. He once had a vet that nicknamed him, ‘Handsome.’ Joaquin is a large cat, but he still gets around and loves to play despite his age. He is not an outdoor cat as his previous owner declawed him as a kitten. His overall temperament is sweet. Joaquin has been around small dogs, but is not comfortable around other cats. He has never been around small children. Will do well with a settled or senior home.These little ones have been with me for most of their lives. With a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and the lack of funds to care for them or myself, I regretfully have to make the choice of finding them homes where they can live happy lives and not struggle for food or vet care. For more information or to contact to arrange a meeting, please call Danielle, 760.409.2586,




Papi is a 10 year old black and white chihuahua (neutered, up to date on vaccines). This sweet little dog weighs 6.5 lbs. He is healthy, happy, and always ready for a walk. Papi was a rescue and he did have one bad habit, for which he now wears a male wrap to curb indoor peeing. He is paper trained as well as leash trained. He has been around small dogs and is comfortable with a cat. He has never been around small children. Will do well in a settled or senior home.These little ones have been with me for most of their lives. With a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and the lack of funds to care for them or myself, I regretfully have to make the choice of finding them homes where they can live happy lives and not struggle for food or vet care. For more information or to contact to arrange a meeting, please call Danielle, 760.409.2586,




Two beautiful kittens, approximately two months old.
Very friendly and sweet. These siblings can hopefully
be adopted together but can go separately.




Meet Koko! He is approximately 5 years and weighs 100 lbs. He is a German Shepherd Mix. He loves exploring the outdoors. One of his favorite things to do is to go on long hikes. He behaves exceptionally well around dogs of all sizes. He is house broken and neutered. Koko is an amazing companion! He does really well with children. Unfortunately for Koko, I moved away to college a few months ago and he had so stay behind. He really doesn’t get all of the love and attention that he deserves. He does need some leash training as he does pull, but he is a very smart dog that learns quickly. Koko would make a great family dog or companion for a single individual or couple. Please contact me if you would like to meet Koko.Thank you,
– Briana & Koko
Email: briana_c2002@yahoo.comm
Phone: 818-300-4291



Hi! My name is Mojo – I’m a 3 or 4 years old spayed girl, and I weigh 58 lbs. I’m super goofy and sweet, and I need a new home! The people taking care of me rescued me from a really scary shelter, and have helped me get healthy and have taught me a lot of things. I’ve learned what so many words mean! Like “Sit,” “Stay,” “Heel,” “Go to Bed,” “Roll over,” “Shake,” and before bed I always “Go take a wiz.” I really really like cheese and chicken, I LOVE going on walks even if I get lazy on hot days, and I’m really patient in the backyard and in the car. I just LOVE being around people! Unfortunately for the people taking care of me, I also REALLY like to chase cats… The house I’m in has two cats, and even though I’ve tried to be good, I just can’t help it! Oh, and I guess I should also tell you that the people I used to live with never showed me how to play gently when I was a puppy, so when I get really excited and happy I like to play-bite. The people now taking care of me tell me no, but I just want to PLAY! I’m pretty smart, so I know you could teach me not to, but please be patient because I just want to show you how excited and happy I am!! Would you like to meet me? Oh please, oh please! I might be shy at first, but as soon as I realize you are nice and like me, I know we could be best friends!! If you do want to meet me (no strings attached), please call my friend Tahkus at 510-761-3392, or email her at
Click on the pictures to enlarge.mojo4_privatemojo2_privatemojo1_private



BELLA – Pitbull, female, spayed, 3 yrs., average size/weight. Bella is a good dog, she is smart, loves to go for walks, would do well living indoor or outdoor. She makes for a great companion. Bella may or may not do well sharing home with other pet dogs. Over all she is a good dog.Not for out of state, we require to meet the person(s) interested in adopting Bella and see the place where Bella is to live.



ROCCO – Pitbull, male, neutered, 2 yrs., short and stocky. Rocco, is a teddy bear at heart, simply adores to be petted and tummy rubbed. He is very energetic loves to go for walks and play with balls and toys, very agile and jumps really high for treats. He is a great dog overall.Not for out of state, we require to meet the person(s) interested in adopting Rocco and see the place where Rocco is to live.Tania





Charlie (male) and Stella (female) are both 8 years old and blind in one eye. They otherwise seem healthy. Both are rescues, good with people, but unknown about other animals.
Contact: Kristine
ally_private Her name is Alice (Ally). She’s about 15 pounds and maybe a year-and-a-half. She’s spayed, shots, house trained. We are working on her separation issues and possessiveness. She is a mixed breed of possible Spaniel, Australian Sheppard/Collie type mix. She’s a great lap dog, but also has the energy of a large dog and she’s extremely smart. She would do best in a home without young kids and with someone who is home (works from home, retired, or has someone at home-she doesn’t like to be left alone but doesn’t care who it is). She is eager to learn and follow rules, so a person who knows how to work with dogs will be best. She loves the dog park to run and chase others, but she doesn’t do well with nervous dogs.
Contact: Debbie McBeth, (818) 268-9030 or

kiwi_private Kiwi is a 9 year old female domestic short hair tabby. We have had her since she was a kitten, but a move, two babies, and some allergies later and we are looking for a good permanent home for her where she can get the attention that she deserves. We want to make sure she ends up in a good home where she is loved. She is an indoor cat that has been spayed, is current on all shots, is litter trained, and is in great health. Kiwi is a loving cat and likes to be stroked or curl up next to you. She is also good with dogs.Please contact me via email at or by phone 805-263-7102 if you are interested in a great cat.

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Lucy is a 40lb pit bull mix, she is a spayed female approximately 2 years old. She is up to date on her shots and is micro chipped. She was found in Carlsbad, was taken to the Carlsbad shelter and was set to be euthanized. We are currently fostering her. She is super sweet with all people but is dog aggressive. She loves to cuddle. My contact info Sarah Williams 951-323-5615 or my husband Scott Williams 619-518-7948lucy_private

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I’m a 2yr old female and I am spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated. I’m a gorgeous German Shepherd mix. I’m a little shy but when I get to know you, I’m your best friend!

I’ve been living at Bay Animal Hospital since December 2013. Animal Control brought me in and I had a torn ligament in my back left leg. I had surgery and I healed up beautifully…

If you would like to meet me… ask my friends at Bay Animal Hospital!

Hope to see you soon!