Welcome to Pet Orphans of Southern California‘s alumni page! We are pleased to bring you the happy faces of our orphans living the good life in their new homes. Thanks to everyone who has sent in photos of their special new pet(s). If you have adopted a pet from Pet Orphans of Southern California and would like to have their picture featured on this page, please email them to



Just want to tell you that Dodger is very happy in his forever home. We are happy too!
Thanks, Judy


luke2 luke3
luke4 luke5

My son and I adopted Jasper in September 2013 (he was Luke at Pet Orphans and Sundance at the Torrance shelter before that). The story I was told was that he was scheduled to be euthanized at Torrance and the staff there was frantically trying to find a no kill shelter to accept him. On the day he was to be put down, a staff member or volunteer from Pet Orphans answered the call and drove down in rush hour traffic after her shift was over to pick him up. I cannot possibly express how thankful we are that you saved him.

My son, now 8, has said many times, “everything is better since we got Jasper.” I feel the same way. He has made our lives much richer and we are dedicated to giving him a wonderful life. He enjoys going to day camp to play with his pals and to get showered with attention from the staff. He likes to lounge at home and the bond he and my son have developed is beautiful to see. He is always up for an adventure and is a champion hiking buddy and road trip companion.

Thank you so much for the important work you do for these beautiful animals and for those of us who are lucky enough to have them in our lives!

Happy holidays to you and your families!


mini1 mini2
mini3 mini4
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mini9 mini10

Dear good people of Pet Orphans of Southern California,

It is with the heaviest heart that I share with you that our beloved Pughuahua, Mini, whom we had adopted from you when you were still known as Pet Orphans Fund in 2002, has passed away and has gone to journey on to the meadow awaiting the rainbow bridge. She spent 14 of her 16 years as our families’ holder of love and joy, and affected everyone with her uniquely happy personality. She got to travel back and forth from Southern California to the Bay Area many times throughout her life, visiting and entertaining family and friends.

Learning to take care of Mini and attend to her needs, inevitably helped prepare me and my ex-wife for the arrival of our son, Brady, in 2006. When our son was born, she served as his guardian and “big sister.” Like any new relationship, both boy and dog adjusted to each other and became the best of friends (siblings).

Mini also served as a great workout partner. When she was diagnosed with a heart murmur, it was recommended that she shed a few pounds. My doctor gave me the same recommendation due to conditions surrounding my asthma, so Mini and I had a weekend routine of walking/running up hills around our neighborhood in Redondo Beach, then up and down stairs at the local high school. We both did great, shaved off the weight and got healthy together.

Mini is also a cancer survivor! A discovery of a growth on her abdomen in 2009 had us worried, so we brought her in and, sure enough, cancer was determined. We went into action immediately and after a successful surgery, Mini was cancer free for the remainder of her life. She continued to provide her unbridled, selfless love, spreading it even further on to newly created families when our house divided into two. Anywhere our son went, she would go along as well and brightened each of our households as she famously did.

On November 30, 2015, Mini succumbed to renal failure and we had to make the most difficult choice in ceasing the immense pain she was going through. She was surrounded by both families in her final hours. All the love and happiness she had given to us remained intact and unbroken as she took her last breath.

Our families are feeling her loss like nothing else and everyone whom she has touched sent and continue to send heartfelt messages and stories of how Mini had affected their lives.

The idea remains elusive as to how life was like before Mini, so it is quite painful now having to adjust to life without her.

Mini’s ashes will be scattered over the Pacific Ocean, so each time we visit our beaches, we’ll know she is close by with every wave that crashes upon the shore.

Thank you for granting us the privilege of caring for Mini, so long ago. It was honor to be blessed with such a wonderful and most magnificent pet who had immediately become a crowning member of our family. We will all never know another loving companion quite like her.



alumni_mcduff_dillon_maggie_picLeft to right:  McDuff, Dillon, and Maggie—all Pet Orphans, adopted over several years.  Here they are trying to get some more bedtime before I leave for work!


rosie rosie

Our beautiful Rosie is doing great in her new home. Her new family adores her and she looks like she is fitting in great. Thanks to her new family, who adopted Pinch last year. So happy for Rosie, she has had a rough life…until now!!!






lucky lucky

Lucky update he is doing really well.. His circling still happens but not as much, I believe in time he will hopefully overcome it.. Seeing this pic makes it all worth while… Debra


elsa elsa




We can’t even remember life before Romeo! He’s a star in our family and we are so grateful to Pet Orphans for bringing him to us. Thanks – Erin


tiki adopted


Elsa got adopted before we even had a chance to list her on our website. That’s the way we like it!!! She is a sweetheart for sure and has a new family that adores her!!


dolly dolly_adopted

Remember Dolly? Her story was a sad one. She was living in the streets her whole life until the city came and captured her. She was terrified of everyone and everything. Pet Orphans rescued her from east valley shelter and within a short time with us, she transformed into this sweet, loving girl. It took awhile to find her forever home but she is as happy as can be. Good luck Dolly, you deserve the life you missed for the first few years of your life!


Penelope and her new Dad!
dakotaDakota and her new Dad! pantherPanther and his new family!


sheldon_alumniSheldon today last year and now a year later! Cannot imagine our life without him Thank you POSC!



hope_alumni priscilla_and_hope

Hope and Priscilla got adopted today and together. They became best buddies and they just couldn’t be separated.



kirby_and_lila kirby_alumni

Kirby and Lila in their happy forever home. Love when 2 get adopted at the same time. Look how much they love each other!!




tinkerbell alumniTinkerbell found her new best friend this weekend!! Looks like these 2 will have lots of fun together.



cherry_adoptedCherry and her new family! wally_adoptedWally and his new family!



Roscoe and his new Mom!



lenny_and_layla_alumniLenny and his sister Layla living the good life. Both Pet Orphans alumni. This is the way it should be:)



bozo_alumniI just wanted to thank you again for our dog Rocky (AKA: Bozo). He is such an amazing dog. He’s so handsome and loving and my dad and I are so blessed everyday to have added this big boy into our family. He has gained weight and is filling out beautifully. He is one heck of an eater! He and River are inseparable! Major best friends.
– Brianna




Just checking in. Cowboy celebrates his 2nd birthday today and wanted me to send you a few pictures. He is a wonderful dog and gets along with all the other animals. Glad we found him.



frasier alumni


beltza alumni Beltza<

ivy blue alumni

Ivy Blue

mona alumni


point alumni


tess alumni




bernie adopted

Adoption Day!

bernie alumni

Happy Bernie!

bernie alumni

Getting to know his siblings!

bernie alumni bernie alumni




ashley alumni

Ashley 3yr alumni!! She has us wrapped around her paw and we love it !!
Thanks so much!!





Melanie and her new family.




Our Pet Orphans Gypsy and Ginger loving life !

Our Pet Orphans Gypsy and Ginger loving life !


eva alumni

This is our happy little Lola, formerly known as Eva. She has been with us for just over 2 weeks and we couldn’t imagine life without her! She loves cool dips in the pool, belly rubs and toys. Thanks Pet Orphans for helping us add to our family!



goose alumni

Goose and his new Dad.



bliss alumni

Our new boy is pure Bliss! We are so happy that Bliss is now a member of our family. It’s a match made in heaven. Thanks so much, Pet Orphans! – Karyn



sally alumni

Sally’s first day home.

sally alumni

Sally and her new sisters:) Pinch (Penny) is also a Pet Orphans alumni. Thank you so much for our perfect babies!!!
– Alona



pixie_alumniPixie with her mom and sister Maggie.




My beloved Pet Orphans Gypsy and Ginger!




Great weekend for our cats and kitties. 5 adoptions this weekend!!!
Uno, Silmeria, Link, Mama and Mimi. So happy for all these beautiful furry friends, especially Mama and Silmeria. They have been at Pet Orphans way too long.

silmeria_alumni link_alumni
mama_alumni mimi_alumni



hunter adopted

Hunter and his Dad





Please click here to watch a video of Lenny and his new family.






buddah_and_shiva_alumniBuddha and Shiva









cleos_pup_alumniRemember Cleo, this is one of her pups.



ginger5_alumniGinger is so good with the kids!!! She and Gypsy had a tiny bit of territory issues the first few days but now seem to have worked it out. Probably because Gypsy is a lover and allowed Ginger to assume the alpha position…lol now they are always together. I love that they have each other now. – Amy



katherine_alumniFor Katherine’s one month anniversary she enjoyed a day trip to a dog beach, with a tide pool which she REALLY loved!! — with Kevin at Hendry’s Beach.



These are Rosie’s babies Honey and Cey are amazing together! They are now known as Roxy & Sophia. and they got adopted together!! Look how sweet they are, just like their mama. Looks like they are doing great and hope they visit us for a bath or just to say hi. Now let’s get their mama Rosie a forever home!!





Dori is 10 months and so pretty and sweet. I love her to pieces. Thanks Pet Orphans! -Carol







ginger adoption

Adoption Day


Her first night with us went really well.


Our sweet girl Ginger relaxing in her new home!


We’re so in love!!! My girls adore her!!!

So far, so good with Gypsy! They played in the yard together nicely and Gypsy is thrilled to have a buddy.






tracey_adoptedThey say “good things happen to those who wait”. Well that is so true!!! At least it is for our girl Tracey. Finally the day has come when our sweet, smart, beautiful girl has a forever home!!! She has been waiting for such a long time and today was her lucky day. Or should I say, her new family’s lucky day. Thanks to our volunteer Jake O’Farley who advertised Pet Orphans at his show “Hollywood Shorts” found Tracey a wonderful home. The person who adopted Tracey is a very funny and talented actress, Edie McClurg (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, among many other films). We will miss you Tracey but this is the day we all looked forward to.


tiffany7_happytails tiffany1_happytails
 tiffany4_happytails tiffany6_happytails
 tiffany2_happytails tiffany8_happytails
 tiffany3_happytails tiffany5_happytails

Celebrating my 10-year anniversary with my amazing dog, Garvey. I adopted her from Pet Orphans in May 2004. Her name at the time was Tiffany – she was named after a teenage girl who found her on the street and happened to be a volunteer dog walker at Pet Orphans. I then named her after my favorite baseball player as a kid, Steve Garvey, the former Dodgers first baseman. I don’t know how to thank Pet Orphans for the gift of this wonderful creature. She brings more meaning and happiness to my life than I can ever put into words. And in turn, I have given her a life full of love, the best care, and a whole lot of silliness. You can see from the photos, Garvey is a beauty. She also is an astoundingly smart dog who is full of personality and so in tune with people. We have many family and friends, both human and canine. She loves the water, whether lying in puddles or running on the beach. We have been on many adventures together – she has even sniffed the shoes of the future King and Queen of England; long story, but true! She is a very loved and happy dog. Garvey is almost 11 years old now, and arthritis has slowed her down. She still does her somersault into the grass, followed by a back scratch. But mostly her favorite activity these days is sitting under trees, laser focused on the squirrels running around above. I know we only have a few more years together and though this breaks my heart, I celebrate her life every day and how lucky I am to have found her. I hope you enjoy the photos of Garvey through the years.

Warm regards,



prancer  prancer happy tails

Akusa (Formerly Prancer) stopped by Pet Orphans for a visit on the one year anniversary of being adopted.


katherine adopted

Katherine is all smiles with her new family.

cinnamon adopted

Cinnamon’s new mom and dad


katherine_alumniThank you Pet Orphans, Katherine is everything you told us and MORE! She is such a happy, sweet dog and as you can see, she’s making herself right at home. We couldn’t be any happier and we are looking forward to many great years with her. We already took her for a long walk last night and another one this morning, now she’s catching up on some rest time.
– Christen and Kevin


adoption2 adoption3 adoption4
adoption5 adoption6 adoption7
adoption8 adoption9 adoption10

Lots of adoptions over the last 2 weeks – Xena, Melody, Checkers and Saber, Puss N’ Boots, Darwin Sneakers Snowball, Fernando Lincoln and Lady all found their forever homes!


zeke happy tailsLittle update on Zeke, the Belgian Shepherd we adopted from Pet Orphans almost a year ago. He just celebrated his first bday on July 31st! Here’s a pic from our recent vacation to Alaska. He had a blast running on every beach we encountered. -Joy


Romeo loves cuddling with his boy watching Scooby Doo!



Rocky (aka: Bozo) and River are loving their wrestling games. Been nonstop play time since we brought this handsome boy home. Thank you so much for the newest addition to our family, we are blessed! Please click here to watch a video of me playing wiht River. -Brianna



dagwood2_alumni dagwood1_alumni
Dagwood, now Cooper, is so awesome making others so happy!!!



bozo1_alumni bozo2_alumniBozo got adopted today!!! He is going to a great family and has a new sister named River.




bianca_alumniBianca, the love of my life, adopted as an “older dog” from Pet Orphans Nov. 2007, and now about 15 years old! We’ve traveled across the country numerous times (she loves to travel!) and have had many adventures. She was the ring bearer this May in Boulder at a niece’s wedding. And no one wanted to adopt her for 5 months at Pet Orphans. She’s still bouncing and going strong out here on our annual summer trip in Central New York. Even the vets can’t believe how healthy she is and how “perfect” her blood work is. 19 pounds of pure heart. Thank you, Pet Orphans of Southern California.



Adopted Felicity and Prince Fluffington.

Adopted Felicity and Prince Fluffington.



Some great news!!! Eros who has been at Pet Orphans for at least 2 years and Chase over a year were both adopted together. So nice to see someone adopt 2 pets that were in need of a forever home. Thank you for giving these 2 amazing cats a forever home together!!!




peanut_alumni monday_alumni ollie_alumni


Kobe who was returned last week already got adopted again!!! Peanut, Monday, Ollie, and Oliver were all adopted too!!!



Hello Pet Orphans! Checking in with an update on Daisy (formerly Venus). We adopted her in June of 2013, so she has been home for a little over a year. She is spunky and silly and loving and LOUD. She is quite a conversationalist, always meowing . She has made a best friend in our daughter, Amber. This is a picture of them resting together after a long day of playing and cavorting. We are so grateful to have found her!