Caring for an Older Pet Should Include Pet Dental Services in Encino CA

Caring for an Older Pet Should Include Pet Dental Services in Encino CAPets are surviving longer than ever before because to advancements in veterinary treatment and care. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, cats and dogs reach senior status at the age of seven. Your animal pals will require more attention as they get older in order to live their best lives.

Here are some simple recommendations for ensuring that your “good old” dogs have the best possible quality of life throughout their golden years – including getting them pet dental services in Encino CA. To get started, contact the compassionate professionals at Pet Orphans by calling (818) 901-0190.

Regular checkups should not be overlooked

Our best advice is to keep your pet’s health appointments. Regular visits to the veterinarian can aid in the early detection of age-related health concerns. At Pet Orphans we specialize in providing the finest care for your pets at all phases of their life. Senior pet checkups should be scheduled every six months, according to the American Animal Hospital Association.

Be informed of the most prevalent health problems

Pets’ coats gray as they age, and their speed slows. However, changes are occurring within their bodies as well. Heart, liver, and renal problems, as well as cancer, are more common in older dogs. Did you know that dogs get cancer at the same rate as humans? And of course, pet dental services in Encino CA become more important as a dog ages.

If you’ve had your pet since they were a puppy, you’re probably familiar with their typical behavior. Even little changes in behavior might indicate cognitive or physical health problems, which is especially true in cats, who try to hide their discomfort. Changes in behavior, such as irritation or overall grumpiness, might indicate arthritis or other illnesses. It’s possible that your pet isn’t feeling well if they’ve become less active.

Signs and Symptoms It’s Time to Call the Vet

Keep an eye out for the following signs and symptoms, and contact your doctor if you’re concerned:

  • Your cat is acting strangely aggressively
  • Your dog is barking or meowing more frequently
  • Your pet is becoming increasingly agitated or worried
  • The sleeping habits of your pet alter
  • Your pet has a lot of accidents
  • Your pet has stopped responding to your orders
  • Your pet isn’t interested in playing
  • Your pet feels disoriented or wanders

Exercise maintains your pet’s body and mind in good shape. Even though their mobility may be deteriorating as they get older, regular activity and play are still essential.

Keep an eye on their nutrition

Your pet’s metabolism slows as they become older. You might need to cut back on the amount of food you serve them. An elderly pet’s weight increase might have a significant influence. While rapid weight loss, especially in cats, is typically a cause for concern. Obesity in elderly dogs raises their chance of developing a variety of diseases, including arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure. Regular visits to the veterinarian can help spot weight gain before it becomes an issue, as your pet may not display early warning signals.

The food they eat can also affect their need for pet dental services in Encino CA. To learn more and schedule an appointment, contact Pet Orphans at (818) 901-0190 for help.

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