Financial Assistance

Sam Simon Foundation: 310-457-5898
The Amanda Foundation: 310-278-2935
Four Legged Friends Foundation’s Sunny Day Fund: 310-441-2888
Mercy Crusade: 805-278-4433
Pet Assistance Foundation: 877-772-9738 (spay/neuter help only)
Voice For The Animals Foundation Helping Friends Program: 310-392-5153
Help-A-Pet: 630-986-9504
Helping Pets Fund: 886-443-5738
The Pet Fund: 916-443-6007
Animal Guardian Society: 310-652-8618
Actors And Others For Animals: 818-755-6045 (must apply online)
P.A.W.S. L.A. 213-741-6068 (seniors over 65 or clients with life threatening illness)
God’s Creatures: 973-694-5155

Prince Chunk Foundation: 856-302-6373
Foundation For The Care Of Indigent Animals: 619-466-9137
Concerned Animal Lovers: 714-738-4832 (only for found animals)
Animal Assistance League: 714-891-7387
Concerned People 4 Animals: 805-482-6587
Lend A Paw: 760-327-4458
Animal Samaritans: 760-343-3477
Animal Action League: 760-322-4560
Tails Of Hope: 845-926-3478Online Contact Only
The Mosby Foundation:
Rose’s Fund:
United Animal National: