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Pet Orphans of Southern California

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Our Mission

Pet Orphans of Southern California (POSC), a private non-profit animal shelter, is committed to reducing euthanasia in city and county shelters by rescuing and successfully rehoming healthy, clean, loving adoptable dogs and cats. With our new Vet Clinic, we want to be able to provide affordable vaccines, spay/neuter, microchip and health care to the lower income community.

Our Vision

We envision a community where all pets are fully integrated into loving and responsible families. Pet Orphans of Southern California is dedicated to combating the national crisis of overpopulation, abandonment and euthanasia by offering all of our services to the community. With our new medical facility, we can offer much needed care to those who are in need.

POSC is committed to serving its community by rescuing adoptable homeless dogs and cats, providing them with exceptional care and then carefully matching them with suitable adoptive families.

As the oldest and largest private humane organization that has its own shelter in Southern California, POSC has been rescuing and re-homing animals for over 40 years. We want to continue helping our community by making sure all our rescued pets continue to get the care they need even after they go on to forever homes.

We are committed to decreasing the number of animals euthanized annually in city and county shelters by focusing our efforts on rescue, adoption, medical care, and training.

Our comprehensive approach to saving lives includes:

  • Sheltering, grooming and providing medical care of homeless dogs and cats.
  • Adoptions to lifelong homes.
  • Foster care for homeless dogs and cats.
  • Keeping our facility a safe, clean, healthy environment for our orphans.
  • Providing affordable medical care (spay/neuter, vaccines and microchipping) for the community while upholding the highest standards.

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